Group Tours

Kyoto and its Gardens in Spring (2017)

With your Kyoto and garden experts leading the way, on foot and by public transportation, you will visit over seventeen of Kyoto’s beautiful gardens, offering some of the finest examples of Japanese landscape and garden design. With accommodations at a historic temple complex located in one of Kyoto’s picturesque neighborhoods, you will be right in the heart of Japanese culture, immersed in the magical day to day. A unique opportunity also awaits as you make a day trip from Kyoto to the less-traveled island of Shikoku to stroll through Ritsurin Garden, and visit the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, which is home to a fine collection of works by one of Japan’s greatest sculptors.

  • Bamboo grove
  • Garden view
  • Garden path stones
  • Garden path
  • Ginkakuji visitors wearing yukata
  • Koi
  • Ojizo guardians
  • Pagoda
  • Sakura lightup
  • Sakura at Heian-jingu
  • Sakura and rock garden
  • Sakura
  • Visits to over seventeen of Kyoto’s beautiful gardens
  • Accommodation at a temple in Kyoto (ensuite rooms with futon bedding)
  • A day trip to less-traveled Shikoku Island for a unique garden and museum
  • Two days at leisure to explore Kyoto according to your interests
  • The chance to view the Kyoto geisha springtime odori dance (only in April)
  • Kyoto springtime temple flea markets and romantic evening lightups
  • Kyoto’s renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Delicious lunches are included on every day of your tour
  • Public transportation and entrance fees included on guided days
  • Local flavor as you dine on the included welcome and sayonara dinners

*Highlights are subject to permission/availability, and may change.

All overnights in Kyoto City at a cozy atmospheric Zen temple.

Day 1 Arrival and Yokoso

Arrive on your flight and take the shuttle (included) from Kansai Airport in Osaka to your accommodations in Kyoto City.

Day 2 Temples and Gardens in the City

Meet your guides in the morning and tour the Nanzenji Temple area and its gardens followed by a wonderful welcome dinner in the evening.

Day 3 Gardens of Western Kyoto

After meeting your guides, make your way to the area of Arashiyama where you will walk the bamboo forest, and enjoy a local temple flower festival while also visiting the area’s gardens. In the evening, enjoy the scenic lightup of Nijo Castle.

Day 4 Kyoto’s Eastern Mountains

Meet your guides and start the day strolling the Philosopher’s Path and visiting gardens and temples along the winding roads in Kyoto’s eastern mountain district. In the evening, walk through a wonderful presentation of Kyoto’s local flora during a lightup at the Kyoto Botanical Garden.

Day 5 Kyoto At Leisure and a Concert

Enjoy a day to yourself, enjoying the streets and scenes of Kyoto independently.

Day 6 Countryside Kyoto

Joining your guides and group in the morning, you will travel to the area of Ohara, a quaint and gorgeous countryside town in Kyoto City. There you will visit more beautiful temples and gardens, complete with sweeping countryside views in this less-traveled bit of Kyoto.

Day 7 A Day On Shikoku Island

Meeting in the morning, you and your group will go by bus (about 2 hours one-way) to the island of Shikoku. There you will visit the famed Ritsurin garden, along with a garden museum dedicated to a talented, world-renowned sculptor, and views of the Naruto whirlpools on the Seto Sea.

Day 8 One More Day At Leisure

Enjoy another day at leisure in the city of endless discovery. In the evening, rejoin the group for a concert of traditional music performed by a professional shakuhachi player.

Day 9 Northern Kyoto

With your group today you will visit northern Kyoto City for a last discovery of some of Japan’s well known and hidden gardens. A visit to Kamigamo Shinto Shrine and the Zen gardens of Daitokuji followed by walks along the Kamogawa River and a delicious, seasonal sayonara dinner will provide a memorable close to your days in Japan.

Day 10 Farewell and Sayonara

We hope you enjoyed your exclusive tour through the historic capital and its most scenic temples and gardens. We wish you safe travels as you make your way back to Kansai Airport, and onward to your flight. Farewell, and sayonara.