Themed Tours

Manga: For Children and Kids at Heart (9 days)

Cartoons and comics are perhaps the more obvious and ubiquitous of the famed contributions Japan has made to the pop culture world. Tell us your favorites and we will incorporate them into the whirlwind fun that will take place as you visit historic and modern Japan while making some other stops along the way dedicated to the colorful characters and stories that have etched their way into popular history.
We will gladly tailor the length and content of the trip to fit you best.

  • Kyoto: Fushimi Inari shrine
  • Tokyo
  • Tokyo Billboard
  • Tokyo shop window
  • Tokyo: Gundam sculpture
  • Evangelion cosplayer
  • Cosplay group
  • Cosplay boys
  • Kamen Rider cosplayer
  • Kiki cosplayer
  • Tokyo: Harakuju
  • Tokyo people
  • Tours through historic Kyoto with a twist of manga comics for taste
  • Participation in a manga comic drawing class made for your level
  • Visiting local art schools to see where the animation and comic magic is made
  • Visits to the Ghibli and Gundam, and other animation museums
  • The chance to make your own short comic, or practice your voiceover skills

*Highlights are subject to permission/availability, and may change season to season.

The above tour is just one example of what we can offer you during a colorful tour of characters and childlike awe in Japan. Feel free to contact us to find out what we can add to this schedule to make it special for you. We look forward to making a custom tour for you!

Day 1 Yokoso, and Welcome To Japan

Overnight in Kyoto City

After arriving in Japan, you will transfer to your accommodation in Kyoto. There, you can look through your custom-made file that we’ve made for you, orienting yourself with your journeys and the wonders that are ahead. Itinerary will be tailored according to your flight schedule.

Days 2 to 4 Classic Characters in Kansai

Overnights in Kyoto

These days will be spent touring some of the famed sights of Kyoto, walking through its temples and shrines, and tasting the epitome of Japanese cuisine while also enjoying a bit of more modern fun. We will take you to the manga museum where you can meet up and coming artists and get a good or better grounding on how manga comics came to exist and be the major, everlasting trend they are today. With the most universities in one city in Japan, we will also take you to where students are learning the comic and animation trade, giving you a chance to meet the hearts behind the artworks and get a good look at the literal tools of the trade. Not limiting you to Kyoto alone, we also invite you for a day trip to Takarazuka and Kobe for a museum dedicated to one of Japan’s most noted manga comic artists, and a day of characters and impressive ships in the famed port city. Additions or substitutions to your days in this part of the country could include a day at Universal Studios Japan, a park that is home to Harry Potter as well as Evangelion, as well as a visit to Osaka that has it’s own exciting section of town dedicated to anime and cosplay.

Days 5 to 8 Toys in Tokyo

Overnights in Tokyo

The city of innovation is also the city that is home to a life sized Gundam, the world of Ghibli, streets of cartoons, and cosplay fanatics. While also getting a good introduction to modern Japanese culture and lifestyle, you will have the chance in Tokyo to visit animation studios, perhaps getting the chance to make a short film yourself, while also walking the streets and into the stores dedicated to famed characters and local mascots. Additions to your time here could include days at Tokyo Disney, or even candy making in traditional Japanese style to round out your journey of childlike wonder and fun.

Day 9 Sayonara and Take Care!

Today we say sayonara to you from the land of the rising sun. We wish you a pleasant and safe journey! We are happy knowing that you are taking with you lasting memories of places and people you’ve encountered during your stay in this splendid country. Farewell, and sayonara.