Crafted Windows

An Evening with a Geisha

Brilliant red against radiant white. These are the colors illuminating faces behind teahouse windows in Kyoto’s Gion district. Movies and books strive to capture their essence, yet only by speaking with one can you understand the dedication, the talent, the people that make up all that is beautiful about Japan’s geisha. We offer you the chance to speak with one of these masters of Japanese tradition, and experience up-close some of Japan’s most classical arts, an affair conventionally reserved for Japan’s rich and well-connected. Throughout an evening of fine dining at one of Kyoto’s top-tier establishments, guests are treated to a performance that has been refined through years of schooling and apprenticeship. Our personally-selected geisha and guides make the evening even more memorable as they remove communication and cultural barriers, inviting you to participate in a few of the geisha games of old, and encouraging you to directly ask questions about the geisha lifestyle and life in Kyoto. By the end of the experience, you will have fascinating stories to take home, memories to cherish, and photographs that any fellow traveler will envy.