Crafted Windows

Our Guided Days

“Personable” and “knowledgeable” are at the top of the list of qualities our guides possess. With the owner and manager of Windows to Japan holding many years’ experience in guiding themselves, they know what to look for in an excellent guide. Among our guides you’ll find holders of PhDs in Japanese studies, Masters students digging deeper into one of the many facets of the culture here, professional artists, culinary specialists, those with licenses in traditional Japanese garden design and many other spectacular skills. We take the time to personally interview and train each guide, checking to be sure that the language they use to present Japan is clear to the native speaker, and making sure that the guides know what travelers to Japan look for most. Our guides can open doors and opportunities travelers cannot find on their own, and they take extra steps to be sure that the guests not only see, but learn, experience, and remember. We look forward to showing you how guiding excellence can enhance your stay in Japan.